About our Collagen Related Peptide (CRP-A)

Activation of PRP initiates the release of bioactive proteins known as growth factors. Growth factors expedite the body’s own repair process. It stimulates new collagen and elastin resulting in firmer, smoother skin and it is crucial to wound healing.

CRP-A is
A superior platelet activator
With batch to batch consistency

A bespoke collagen related peptide offering the following benefits:

High potency of CRP-A to aggregate and activate platelets has been demonstrated using Light Transmission Aggregometry and p-selectin expression by flow cytometry

CRP-A is stable, scalable and consistent compared to similar commercially available peptides

Standardised peptide manufacturing process with guaranteed batch to batch purity of nearly 99% and high dose response

Controlled biological and chemical stability measurements completed for both long term storage of lyophilised powder and short-term storage of reconstituted working solution

Available to purchase in small quantities for convenience of storage and use

Full activity proven with three different solvents to suit range of experiment

More cost effective than similar peptides currently used for platelet activation

CRP-A is receiving great feedback from our customers in the UK and Europe. If you wish to test it for yourself, please contact us.

Data sheet is available on request

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